The HDMI Arms Race is still running - HDMI 2.1 is on its way! What is happening in the HDMI world reminded me of the arms race that proceeded WWI. Several decades back, Wm Manchester wrote "The Arms of Krupp." This book tells the history of the Kanon Kings of Europe. The Krupps were the U.S. Steel of EU, even before there was a U.S. Steele in the U.S. They helped create the arms race that preceded WWI. They manufactured both canons and steel plated armor for dreadnoughts (i.e., early battleships). So, the Krupps would develop a new, more powerful canon (They also made the railway "Big Bertha" canons of WWII). All the navies just had to have the latest, greatest canon. Then they would develop thicker armor platting to stop the newest canon, and so forth. They played both sides of the tennis court. I just read some news that HDMI 2.1 is on the way in 2017. Instead of "4K pass through," get ready for 8K pass through. There is an industry group that is behind the ongoing development of HDMI. Many of the manufacturers that create your audio/visual products are able to play both sides of the court! And make your current dreadnought obsolete.


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