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I recently bought the 10" momo and am looking for a box. I found one that would work well but the volume is .8 will this work well with the speaker or should I shell out the extra $50 to have one custom built?
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    I think you would be happier with a box built to exact specs. BTW the specs are .65 cubic foot.
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    momos are not happy with "space to get loose" -- a 20% increase in box size (which is what you're doing when u talk about getting a 0.8 cube box for a 0.66 cube sub) you're really **** with the sub... the suspension of the woofer absolutely DEPENDS on a tight box. Perhaps the #1 reason the woofer is not port-able.

    Just build one yoruself -- take u an afternoon to do.

    3/4" mdf, box of drywall screws, silicone and your'e good to go... if you're decent with woodworking, use some better materials -- baltic birch plywood, brad nailer, etc...
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