MM124 how much power?

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i already have two GNX124 subs in a 1.25 q-logic box. and running them is a profile ca400 mono amp. they sound really good but i want more volume, more thump. So, how much power is needed to run two MM124's (with a mono amp) and will they play well in the mentioned 1.25 q-logic box?
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    momo's are very particular as to box design and size.... 0.88 each is the reccomendation, and anything that deviates from 0.75 to 0.95 is going to give you problems. so 1.25 per sub is too big .... and 1.25 total is too small... so i dont even have to ask that question --- 3rd -- a particle board box can be used (contrary to polkie statements), but definately not the kind of particle board that Qlogic uses... so yet again, that box is a no no.

    far as a mono amp -- to adequately take momo's to their best level, i would suggest a 1300 watt mono amp ... giving 650 to each sub (12" -- call it 550 - so 1100 for the 10") rms.

    Class D
    RF power 1001bd
    Mtx 1501D
    JBL BP1200.1

    Class AB
    USamps 1000a -- 1000 (more like 1200) x 1 at 2 ohms bridged

    if u can afford it, I'd get the USamps... shortly followed by the MTX, the RF, and the JBL as a cheap solution.
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