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Here's my question, I currently purchased a Sony STR-DA4ES receiver. The question I have is my old Sony receiver (STR-DA3ES) had dual subwoofer outputs where as the new receiver only has a single subwoofer output and I'm running dual PSW450 subs. What is the best recommended way to hook both subs up to get maximum output. Will a Y-adapter work the same as having dual subwoofer outs or can I run the speaker wire from the receiver to the left INPUT of the sub, then to the left front spaeker and the same for the right side or do both inputs on the sub have to be hooked up the make it work correctly. My current set up is Fronts are RTi70's, Center is a CSi40 and Rears are from my first RM setup which are soon to be upgraded and of course Dual PSW450's. A sales rep at the store mentioned something about daisy chaining the subs, what ever that means. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Y splitter will be fine.

    Daisy chain = sub out > Sub#1, Sub#1 line out > Sub#2 line in.

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    I like the Y-splitter too, over daisy chaining. Less potential for noise/distortion to be generated and carried from sub #1 to sub #2.

    If you are utilizing the electronic bass management circuitry at the AVR, then connect each sub cable to the single LFE (Unfiltered) input on each 450 to avoid cascading the AVR and sub filters.

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    In my experience and I did this before, many times, two subs never sound better than one. I have the PSW150 for the bedroom system, don't get me wrong, this is a good sub that match up with my RT 55i very well, but I always feel that the bass is not powerful enough for music and for some movies. Then I add on the AR-115 sub and carefully adjust the reverb switch and locations for the sub, but it just doesn't sound right. Finally I decide to sell the AR-115, gave the PSW-150 to my young son and replace them with the new JBL S120PII, and everything comes to live, the JBL produce very powerful deep bass, great for music and for movie, you will need to hold on to your bed sometimes. I still love the Polk monsdo Sub PSW-1200 in my living room.

    Here is my set up for the bedroom

    Yamaha 5590 A/V receiver
    CS-350 center
    RT-55i main
    RT-25i rear
    CS-300 rear center
    JBL S120P II sub
    MC M series bi-wired for main, single for center
    MC 10 gauge cable for all rear channels
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    One sub is better than 0 subs....
    Two subs are better than 1 sub....
    Well, I guess it depends on the sub...heh

    Oh yeah, use the y splitter...but steer away from rat-shack if you can...my y splitter from rat-shack was supper noisy...(I had to use monster) They cost the same...

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