Need some help please, mm2124 enclosure.

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I have a single MM2124 that I would like to mount in my car. The only box custom built for my car is .91 cubic foot fiberglass. How negative an impact will this have on the sound with the sub recommended for .88?

Thanks for the help.
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    It won't have much of a negative impact. The sub will be a teensy bit boomier but I doubt that you would notice it unless you had something like a standard cab pickup truck.

    You could glue a piece of wood inside to help take up the extra space but it's less than .3 cubic feet of difference. It's almost a waste of time to even worry about it. Mount the sub, play the sub, be happy.
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    That is a difference of ~3.4% -- not enough to even worry about. The T/S parameters on a production run of subs will vary more than that from driver to driver, I guarantee it.
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    You wouldnt be able to hear a difference between boxes with that small a difference. Itll work fine.
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