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I curently have 2 sr124s and im thinking of changing subs to mtx9500s. anyone please give your thoughts in refrense to SQ and overall ratings on the 9500s and the most inportant question. Should i switch?
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    If youre wanting to compete in SPL or just have the absolute most output you possibly can, then the MTX's would be ok. No doubt, MTX makes great SPL subs.

    If youre wanting a ton of output with great smooth sound quality, then stick with the SR's.

    Me personally, Id rather have the better sounding SR's over the louder MTX.
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    have either of you heared the 9500s? if so how is the sq on them?
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    Sloppy and full of mud. I would say they're good for volume and while they're no SR/IDMax/W6/Focal etc but they're better than Kenwood/Audiobahn/Visonik/etc...
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    Uhmmm loud as hell! but like they said MUUUUUDDDY! definition between frequencies are Yeaaachy ! but they got BOOOM !

    I think they could be helped with a few box tries but you can take the woofer outa the trailer park but you cant take the trailer park outa the woofer !
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    hahaha okay gotcha
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