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I am using a Denon AVR-5600 receiver, Sony cd/dvd player, 10 gauge speaker wire and have upgraded my optical cable from Monster 100 light speed to Monster 200 light speed fiber optic cable. Since I've switched cables, I've been hearing ringing from the speakers when playing cd's. When I change modes, the ringing stops. What could possibly be the problem? Please help!!!
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    Do you still hear the ringing during movies? Does the ringing go away after you switch back to the 100 cable? When you say change modes, do you mean put a DVD in the try or do you mean changing inputs on the receiver?

    Receiver: Outlaw 1050
    Amps: Outlaw M-200 x 3 (Powering Mains and Center)
    Mains: RT800i; Center: CS400i; Surrounds: F/X500i
    Sub1: 214L Vented Tempest
    Sub2: 122L Sealed Tempest
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    Thanks BL,

    Yes, the ringing stops when I go back to the orginal cable. The ringing can best be described as more of an echo. When I say changing modes, I'm changing from stereo to direct or to five channel stereo.

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