acceptable amp distortion

I am considering building my own sub. I plan on using the 120watt amp from parts express. It states that it can provide 110 watts of power at .1% distortion. Is this a good figure or should I shop for an amp with less distortion? I seem to remember hearing that .01% distortion or less is the ideal figure for amps. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
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    you can get the 250 watt amp for not much more. that is my recomendations.
    what driver are you looking at?
    what size?
    and do you have a price range?
    there are a few of us who have buld and a few who are bulding subs.
    and then there is dr spec if i cant anser it i bet he proabley can.
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    .1% distotion on a sub amp is pretty standard.

    999/1000, the more power the better.
    Make it Funky! :)
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    well, at this point i have yet to consider driver brands. Figured I'd learn what amp to get first. All I know is that I want either a 10 or 12 inch driver. Are there any advantages a 10 inch driver will have over a 12 inch driver besides being cheaper?

    Also should I look for a ported or sealed enclosure? I think a ported one would yield louder bass, but sealed would make it tighter. Because the sub is mainly for movies, I may stick with ported.
    Are there actual boxes I can buy or do I need to build one?

    This sub does not have to be a killer bass machine. I'm just looking for something deeper than my current sony 8-inch 50 watt sub, which shouldn't be too hard. The problem is the room i have has very high ceilings so it may take a good bit of power to get some bass. The sony was previously in my much smaller bedroom, where it worked superbly.

    Price Range: preferably under $200. I know its not much to work with, but I'm on a tight budget. thanks for your help.