inverting the subs?Whats the difference?

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Hey All,

Okay, I have seen some really kick A$$ systems out there and I was wondering. What is the deal with inverting the subs? Do they sound louder if they are faced into the box?

- Nick
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  • Jstas
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    No, not that I know of. It's just a way of tuning the enclosure. You can build the actual box smaller because you don't have to compensate for the size of the magnet and sub basket when you are building the enclosure if you construct it that way. About the only plus is packaging size. That kind of a design leaves your sub open for damage and it is very difficult to get the mounting ring sealed properly. That's probably why I haven't seen that setup outside of competitions in purpose built systems.
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    Yea, I do see that it would damage the speaker. I thought about doing something like that but I wasn't sure what it would do. thank you for putting some light on that. =)

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    In addition to all the "cons" J-dawg mentioned...

    when u invert the sub you get a loss of surface area... the piston / voice coil jobber stickin in the middle of the cone, as well some other crap depenging on the sub make / model... basically... if u invert a sub,you're doing it for 1) to make a REALLY nice looking setup. 2) you're somehow screwd for space otherwise.

    if u dont fit 1 or 2 --- dont bother. just a PITA.
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