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i'm want to put three gnx12" subs in a single, sealed box and i'm working with limited trunk space (98 mustang) there any way i can reduce the necessary box size? and do i need to have 1.25 cu ft per sub or can this amount be less since they're all in one box? any tips on how to fix this limited space problem would be appreciated...thanx
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    You have a few choices. First you can just deal with the loss of your trunk space. Obviously you have ruled that out. Second, you could use fewer speakers. Third, you could use less speakers.

    Other options are extensive modifications. Any way you look at it, if you want those speakers to perform at thier top level, you can't reduce enclosure size.
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    you could cut down a little but not much -- you can get em down to 1.0 per sub but you're really have to poly fill the **** out of the boxes -- being careful tho as the more fill u use, the mroe chance of getting some stuck in the moving parts of hte speaker.

    u're gonna lose low end resposne too that way... if u want em to sound right, u really should prolly do what Jstas said and just switch to a difft speaker and use less... for the price of 3 gnx 12's u can get two momo 10's or one IDmax 10 or 12 that'll do a similar job, if not better.
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    the problem is that i already got the subs and got them cheap...but were i to use two, i saw something kim wrote about an iso push/pull box? i didn't quite understand and the download was all messed up when i downloaded it....but from what i gathered it gives amazing sound? can someone tell me what that box is all about and maybe describe it a litttle better?
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