RTi 150's with 2000i's

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Just looking for some constructive comments. After an extensive search I finally decided to buy a pair of rti 150's. Believe me I heard a bunch of speakers from high end stores and CCity, etc. I had a budget and couldn't see spending more than around $1 K per speaker. I'm delighted with my purchase and would like some of the folks in this forum to comment on my questions below.
Here's what I'm working with.

20x25 - Furniture - a couple of chairs and a bed -that's it. Carpeted.

Sound Stuff:
A pair of rti 150's
A pair of 2000i's
A pair of M & K s150's
Center Polk fx400i
2 Surround Polk (Matches the fx400i center)
Polk 350 sub
Klipsch KS 15 sub (It's not very tight - I keep it turned way down)

Sunfire Cinema Grand 5 x 200
SAE A502 2 x 200
Sunfire Theatre Grand Preamp 7 axis (I use the M&K S150's for side channels R and L)
Pioneer DVD/CD 5 disk changer

Sony 32" Flat Screen

I enjoy music DVD's and CD's mostly. Limited movie watching

Do the RTi 150's require a break-in period?
Do the 2000i's and the rti 150's use the same midrange and tweeter - They look identical.
Are the rti 150's and the 2000i's compatible in terms of efficiency and output?
One thing for sure... you need lots of power to get the most out of this match up. 200 W enough?
I know it's what whatever sounds good to me...but do you think I should spread the towers out a little or place them side by side.
Appreciate your comments...
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    How do like your Cinema Grand? I just picked up a used Series I Sig Cin on e-bay on my way to HT so I am already commited to it, but still curious. Not a lot of posts by folk who actually own the amp...
    More later,
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