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Does anyone know of some sites to price and/or buy new Rotel gear online? I've searched and searched and there are very few places that even carry Rotel in the US.

I picked up an RCD-1070 the other day. I have to say it's nice, and I did a sidy by side comparison with my H/K and the Rotel sounds much better other than some minor interferance that I'm getting from the analog ICs. I'll figure that out later though.

The only problem I have with it, is I just can't justify the cost. I mean, it's only a CD player! So it's going back soon.

So does anyone know where to look for late model Rotel stuff? Has anyone used/heard the RCC-1055? If so can you tell me how it compares to the RCD-1070?

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    Rotel has a very strict policy on on-line sales in order to protect thier distributors and pricing. The web site does provide retail pricing (drop down menu on the top left side of home page) but I have never found any on-line retail sites in the US that will quote Rotel. will have some used Rotel gear...I think I saw a RCD-1055 for sale a week ago and someone had recently sold a RCD-1070 that they claimed was only 9 months old for $450.00. Also a RCD-991 (older model with balanced inputs and dither control) was for sale on the site.
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    Sorry for the additional post but I forgot there is a site,, that does list descriptions of the various models in the Rotel line and some opinions on the differences between models. But the pricing is strctly per the Rotel suggested retail.
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    Phuz, shoot me an email

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    Get out of my head, Phuz!! ;) I spent yesterday morning with a google search looking all over for Rotel online, and the audioemporium was the only place I found. Would you mind shooting me an email if you come up with anything?
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