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Just to confirm this doesn't make a difference, I wired up all of my speakers with the "markings" on one speaker line all going to the negative terminals of all speaker terminals. The "markings" were so small that I now find out that they are marked as positive (with little "+" signs)!

My question is... It shouldn't matter that the "+" lines are all going to the negative terminals and the unmarked lines are all going to the positive terminals, right? As long as they are ALL connected this way, I shouldn't have any phasing issues, correct? I mean, the plus marked wire doesn't HAVE to go to the positive terminals, since speaker wire is speaker wire?
Mains: polkaudio RTi70's (bi-wired)
Center: polkaudio CSi40 (bi-wired)
Surrounds: polkaudio FXi30's
Rear Center: polkaudio CSi30
Sub: SVS 20-39 PC+
Receiver: ONKYO TX-SR600
Display: JVC HD-56G786
DVD Player: OPPO DV-981HD 1080p High Definition Up-Converting Universal DVD Player with HDMI
Remote: Logitech Harmony H688
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    Thats correct...

    I use the smaller cable for the bedroom that has the Ribbed line on 1 side so for my dumb **** to keep it straight I came up with the following.

    Ribbed is Right which is Red. ;)

  • TonyPTXTonyPTX Posts: 545
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    That's a correct statement. Performance wise, the only way it would affect your system is if the two wires are not of the same quality (i.e. the positive wire is made of a purer copper than the negative wire.) Hardly likely, but possible.
    Damn....8 lines...I've gotta put my sig on a diet now....
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