Digital Cable hook-up?

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Hi. This question is for someone that understands Polks MSDS 1 home theater system.

I live in the NYC area, and receive digital cable from Cablevision (called IO). They gave me a Sony box, which had either a coaxial or fiber optic output for digital audio. I chose the latter, and connected to the DSS digital audio imput on the back of the MSDS 1 unit.

(I also used the S-connector for video). Now most cable TV channels are coming is as "DSS DIG IN" and I have the option of stereo or Dolby Proogic, which will give some sound out of my rear speakers. The premium channels say "DSS and usually 2/0 or 2/1, and sometimes 3/2.1, which seems to sound the best.

I did not use any analog output from the sony box, although it is available (variable or fixed outputs). Would that make a difference and improve the dolby signal?

I am obviously a novice at this audio stuff, so any help is greatly appreciated. Frank
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    Just an addendum. I did also try to use the coaxial digital output with a coaxial digital cable (all my cables are Monster cables) and connecting to the imput labeled "LD" but didn't get any sound doing so ( a little puzzled by that). Thats' why I used the TOS link connection. Using the coaxial connection to the DVD did work though.
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    My digital cable setup forces me to use both digital and analog connections since not all cable channels are broadcasted digitally. On local stations, for example, I get no sound if I do not have the analog connections plugged in.

    My opinion would be to stick with optical. It's your best output for digital.

    My setup :

    Anthem AVM20
    Sony DVP-NC650V 5-disc DVD/SACD
    Microsoft XBox
    Polk RM-7200 Theater System
    Polk PSW-550 Subwoofer
    Bettercables Silver Serpent interconnects
    Monster Cable speaker wire
    56" Panasonic HDTV
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    You really need to read the manual for your digital converter box. Most providers do not broadcast all stations on DD, so you'll need to hook up both the analog and digital lines and let your receiver figure out which signal it should be using.

    Also, DO NOT plug a SPDIF Coax Digital Output into a LaserDisc audio input. They are not compatible signals and could possibly ruin your equipment.
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    Hello Frank,
    Thanks for participating in the Forum, I'm glad you're enjoying your RMDS1 system. Let me offer some, I hope, useful information:
    1). there might be some advantages to connecting the analogue right and left outputs of the Sony to one of the analogue inputs on the RMDS1 processor. Some digital cable services provide many specific audio feeds, I know Baltimore's Comcast does. This could be most useful if you have elected to use the "second zone" capability of the RMDS1. This would feed the analogue signal to a second room permitting someone to listen to an audio signal, from the cable converter, while someone else watches a VCR or DVD in surround sound. You would want to use the "DVD" right and left input for second zone use, however use "CD" input if you wanted to make use of the analogue inputs in the main location. In other words, the "DVD" right and left only feed the second zone output and tape outputs, not the main output (see page 10 of the RMDS1 owner's manual, last paragraph for reference).
    2). most audio enthusiasts find that there might be a slight sonic advantage to using a well made co-axial digital connection from a digital device over the Toslink. Keep in mind the co-axial RCA cable needs to have the 75 Ohm characteristic impedance, made for digital connections, to sound best.
    3). the "LD RF" is for a Laser Disc specific connection (see page 12 of the owner's manual) and heed the "important note" item.
    I hope this is helpful information.
    Regards, Ken Swauger
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    Thanks so much to everyone for the advice and support. I have connected the analog imputs as well, and will use the DVD site to feed the second zone. Frank
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