Static Electricity

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Does anyone know anything about static electricity discharges?

I have a PSW550. Lately, I have been noticing random popping sounds coming out of the sub. I believe it is due to static electricity. It used to only happen when I touched the sub, but now it will happen (randomly) while I'm watching TV. Has anyone experienced similar noises?

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    Welcome to the club!!!!! What a frissky first question. Shake***Shake**** Signs point to yes.
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    Anyway never heard of SE effecting electronics that way. Sounds like a bad interconnect.
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    I'm glad somebody brought this up. I keep forgetting to ask about it. Every time I take two steps in the store, the next time I touch an electronics piece, I almost get my god damned hand blown off! Is there ANYTHING I can do to stop this?
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    please please please explain! you have lost me! Are you telling me, if you touch the driver...IT WILL SHOCK U! HAHAHAHHAH! thats funny! Hey, maybe someone walked around the house rubbing their feet against the carpet, came in here - touched my subwoofer driver! AND IT BLEW! HAAAAAAA! boy i need some sleep...
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    Increase the humidity level in your HT room.

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    i haven't noticed anything related to static elec... but i do notice a popping sound every once in a while when there is a low in the audio for a movie or music. it sounded like the amp from the (350) sub was clicking on or off. it's pretty random. but very noticeable. I was thinking it was the outlet that it was plugged into. I have an old house with old wiring. I should probably get a line conditioner at the very least.
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    Thanks everyone for your input.
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    I haven't had a problem, but I've seen pictures of rigs where the speaker wires were supported off the carpet at intervals. I assumed then and do now especially that this might be because of static electricity.
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    I have noticed a very slight pop when my sub turns on or off automatically usually when it turns off while I am listening to music at too low a level for the sub to realize its receiving information.
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    Winter time in Baltimore; the trip from the couch to the light switch *ZAP!* and then back to the DVD player *ZAP!* Static electricity sucks!

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