Onkyo or Denon

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I'm running with an RT setup basically and currently have an older Onkyo receiver that's not even DD and need to upgrade it.

Recently I've been looking at the Denon line, but am curious what others feel between the two lines. I absolutely LOVE my Onkyo, and haven't ever had a single problem. I remember a few years ago the Onkyo line was looking really cheap, but things look to have improved, from what I can tell at least.

I don't need seperates, nor really want them at this point. I just wanna know what y'all think about the two....... If I figure out this Poll thing, feel free to vote. :)
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    Dennon is a better brand name than Onkyo but I like Harmon Kardon.
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    I have an RT setup also. I run a Denon 4800 with the Denon POA5200 driving the front mains (RT2000i) and the receiver driving the center (CS1000p), surrounds (f/x 1000) and rear surround (f/x 500i). The Denon receiver and amp have plenty of power to drive this setup and I would recommend the brand highly. You won't need a seperate amp for the 6th and 7th channels if you get one of the newer Denon receivers. This forum will be very helpful once you are in set-up mode. Good luck. Rick
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    I went with the Onkyo797 for my Rt setup and could not be happier...Picked it up for around $850.I am currently using the Rt 800i main, Fx300 rear, and cs400 center front and back.I have had the system up to 75%volume level with no audible distortion, plenty of high current power to all channels. I have had this current setup for about a year now. When I was shopping around all the audio guys I talked to said Go with the Onkyo...all called it an outstanding unit, and you won't find many people that KNOW the units that will talk down about them. Yes Onkyo has some cheaper lines, but in that case you get what you pay forwith cheaper connecters and so fourth.
    I looked at the Denon lines, and they sounded good, but most units with the same features as the Onkyo were twice the price.
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    i think denon has more bang for the buck.


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    I must say that my Sony ES Reciever has the same featurs of the Onkyo and Denon and was 1/2 to 2/3 the price of them. I also feel that it sounds just as good and for $650 shiped what more could you want? But dont get me wrong if I had more money then the clap doctor I'd spend the extra $$$ just for the name.. NOT! LoL :lol:
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    I would say if you had to pick one them I would choose the Denon because it has a pretty good tone to it and does a good job of not coloring the sound to bad.

    The Onkyo's are okay but I don't think it would be a good match for the RT's as they are a little harsh up top and Onkyo tends to exaggerate the Highs a little bit and I disagree with ATC about Denon being muddy.

    IMO I think Onkyo is muddy and the Denon is a little laid back and conservative with power but the Tri-LAM tweet needs that.
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    I do notice with some music that the tri lams are too bright with the Onkyo, but my experience with the Onkyo has been that it delivers PLENTY of PUNCH, which is where my system just absolutely kicks ****. I don't want to sacrifice any punch ultimately.......
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    See, just goes to show, everyone hears things different.

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    OK, so what if we took the emphasis off of the variable (sound) and put it more on build quality. Anyone heard good or bad things with either?
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  • mantismantis Posts: 15,903
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    sound quality to most people comes first.......everything else is of less importance.

    Built quality still goes to Denon.Yamaha in my opnion is going down hill.Features.........winner Denon.My opnion Denon is the best overall receiver for the rt series speakers.
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    Don't ya like how everyone has their opinions? In this case, mine is the opposite of Mantis'. I think Yamaha's have fewer problems that Denon, based on my experience. I see a lot of people that have problems with Denon's, while Yamaha's tend to be our most reliable brand.
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    I like my JVC. Good call ATC.
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    thats what makes this forum interesting.If everyone agreed on everything.One voice,one way,one person surfing..........
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    I had a onkyo 727 for 6 years, liked it fine.. moved up to the Integra line of onkyo which i think is alittle better then the plain Onkyo, they look nice, sound nice, alittle bright i guess, But no problems ever in 6 years and now for the past year with the Integra.. I know you can't Run to Circuit city for one but look around even e-bay sells them dirt cheap.. I now want a integra Cd player to match.. DVD and so on. I just like em
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    Love my Onkyo's - never had a problem. Solid build and clean powerful sound. Can not be beat for features/money!!!
    Once again the Denon line over the past several years is very impressive. I have the DVD2800 and it is awesome. Funny I never remember people even mentioning Denon 5 years ago.
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