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First of all, the setup:
Fronts: R30's
Center: CSi30
Surround: R15's
Sub: Definitive Technology PowerSub80.

Alright, I have the opportunity to replace the R15's with a pair of FXi30's for a decent price. Bipolar/Dipolar, woo woo, right? Well, my first question is if these FX speakers are suitable to my room setup.

Pictures at:

Due to weird room dimensions and shape, location of electrical outlets and a few annoying pillars, I've pretty much been forced to setup my room with the TV in a corner. Not quite the square or rectangle most have. So basically my theater is in a 90 degree pie slice. The R15's are placed just behind the seating area on the outside walls. Therefore the R15's are about 2 1/2 times the distance apart as the Front Left & Right's are. They are also firing at a 90 degree angle to eachother.

I guess I'm looking for feedback on anyone who may have a setup similar to mine and if they have tried both Bi/Dipoles and Directs. Anyone willing to theorize on the benefit or lack of would be appreciated as well.
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    ...Also I've read some saying directs are better for DVD-Audio. Since I really enjoy DVD Audio, comments here would also be welcome.
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    id suggest just get - because i dont like the sound of di/bipoles newayz...cant stand em but i like direct because i like all channel stereo imaging...and well...think about but id just get direct speakers
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    I like the Bi/Dipoles. Keep in mind that the idea is to serve up a sound field that is not localized. This applies to any soundtrack, movie or music.
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    I think your set up is fine, no need to spend more money to get the Bi/Dipoles, I doubt that you can hear the different or get the better results. I replaced my Bi/Dipoles last month with a pair of RT 25i, and my bedroom system (RT55i, CS350, RT25i, CS300 (center rear), JBL 120II (LFE sub), AR 112S(extra sub for rear channels)) did sound a whole lot better, but this is my personal opinion, others may disagree. I like my bedroom system the way it set up now. Now I will try to sell the pair of Polk RT/FX (Bi/Dipoles).
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    I use CS245i direct radiating center channels for my surrounds.

    I think its a lot of speaker for the money, and it timbre matches my mains and center, and is small enough to stand on end like a mini-tower.

    They are about the same distance apart as the mains (about 10 feet), are situated about 6 feet behind the key listening positions about 4 feet off the ground (head height when seated), and are toed inwards so they fire directly towards the listeners on the couch.

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