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So I was browsing tonight at Circuit City looking at the cool gadgets I can't afford, and I came across the Linkin Park Re-Animation DVD-Audio. I didn't know it was even out, as I already bought the CD. Well, I picked it up.

I've listened to my system pretty extensively, and I have to say, in the most humble way possible, it sounds DAMN good ;) It's fairly modest, but also cost me a few bucks.

Well, I've listened to the Bjork DVD-A before, and was impressed. Great soundstage and clarity from the 9s. Still, Bjork likes to keep her music fairly simple and straightforward (at least on the Vespertine disc). Linkin Park on the other hand, is a mishmash of instruments, beats, samples and vocals. Much more complex to a speaker. (Not saying musically better, because it's not... just more complex to a speaker ;))

Popped it into stereo mode (24bit/192kHz) and wow, the Arcam and the 9s melded so well and presented me a side to my speakers that I haven't heard before. Everything was clear, no instrument was mudding into another, and the vocals were pristine. I mean, I've heard this before, but not this pronouced and clear.

The 9s have amazing bass response. I seriously don't need a sub for music purposes unless something goes REALLY low. Rumor has it that the magicians at Polk have something under their cloak concerning bass, but it's inevitable.

Anyway, go back to listening to your systems, because that's what we bought them for!
LSi 9/C/FX
Arcam AVR-200
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