Polk model numbers?

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What is the difference between R15 and R15i speakers. Also, does the model number change every year or when. What were the last bookshelf speaker model numbers? Thanks, in advance for your help to an audio newbie just trying to figure things out.
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    let me see here...lol, umm...a new model number is a number and letter change for the new models....it shows their different, not the same but different, it changes when they release their new speakers.....its actually i think just to help them categorize things...newayz thats the best i can explain....lol
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    Basically what Polk does with there models is,
    the evalute the speaker and deside what could make that model alittle better.They have in the past tweaked the crossover and modified the tweeters.They also change the cabnet slightly,with grills,colors,etc......but basicaly they remain a timbre matched to the last years model.........to a degree........
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    Polk's jome page shows r15 as the current model. Does that mean r15i is a previous model, since it is not listed?
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    Yes. You will find the RT15i under the recent product library listing.
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