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Phil DawsonPhil Dawson Posts: 288
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I am finally getting to set up my 5.1 system. The front speakers are SDA SRS 1.2s powered by a Harmon Kardon Citatoin @ 200 W per side, The rears are SDA SRS 2.3s powered by a Harmon Kardon Citation @ 150 W per side and the center is a CS400 powered by a McIntosh 250 bridged to 100 W. I thought I would bi-wire all speakers. This is my first theater system so any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Phil
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  • BobMcGBobMcG Posts: 1,613
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    What do you have questions about?
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  • Phil DawsonPhil Dawson Posts: 288
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    I need help with speaker placement and any other tips anyone might have.

    Thanks, Phil
  • wangotango68wangotango68 Guest Posts: 1,056
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    get a very large room to start with

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    Get an AVIA calibration DVD, too. It's got one of the best simple setup and calibration routines (easy to follow, walks you right thru it) I've ever seen. For a basic question like speaker setup, it rocks. Check the Club Polk Webstore for it.

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  • Phil DawsonPhil Dawson Posts: 288
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    I ordered the disk.

    Thanks, Phil
  • tmorgantmorgan Posts: 37
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    You will probably want a Radio Shack SPL meter to go with that Avia disc. The analog version is ~$35.
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    I think you should send them into colorado. the climate will do them well. If you want, I'll keep an eye on them.
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  • Phil DawsonPhil Dawson Posts: 288
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    They are in Colorado now and they do like the climate.

    Thanks, Phil
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