I'm trying to decide, looking for opinions!

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I'm in the process of selecting a new A/V Receiver for the home theatre. My max price is $500 & will purchase it from a web vendor.

Primary usage is A/V, but I do enjoy music immensely as well.

Units I'm considering are:

1) Denon 2802
2) Sony DA3ES
3) Harmon Kardon 320
4) Onkyo SR-600
5) Any others I should be looking at?

Any & all help is appreciated!
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  • avelanchefanavelanchefan Posts: 2,412
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    I have the Yamaha Rx-v620. I have been pleased with it. I really enjoy the 5 channel stereo mode on it.
  • mantismantis Posts: 15,269
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    It depends on what your trying to drive.

    Picking a random price point doesn't always allow you to match your speaker line up.There is where you can fine tune your looking.

    The Denon can and will power the Rt series extremely well,but not the Lsi series.
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  • nascarmannnascarmann Posts: 1,464
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    Here is a great deal on a receiver for $399.99 shipped to your door. This was selling at BB a year ago for $799.95 and is a very nice piece.....I have one myself.
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  • TroyDTroyD Posts: 12,638
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    I would suggest trying to go out and get your demo on to see what YOU like. Of that bunch, I 'd probably be inclined to say Denon but also look around at Marantz and NAD.

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  • Billm57Billm57 Posts: 689
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    I have the Denon 2802 and love it..Im using it with RM6600 satellites and a psw350 sub..
  • phuzphuz Posts: 2,413
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    Whatever you do *don't* get the sony. :)
  • McHackMcHack Posts: 4
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    Polk LS-70s, CS-250, & LS/Fx's
  • mantismantis Posts: 15,269
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    with that said Id consider the Denon.
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  • gidrahgidrah Posts: 3,030
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    JVC RXV-9010. It sounds great in 5.1 or stereo.
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  • jmasterjjmasterj Posts: 327
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    If I were in the market for a receiver I would probably get the
    Outlaw Audio 1050. It's sold internet direct at www.outlawaudio.com
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  • etriganetrigan Posts: 160
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    I agree with Jmaster - the Outlaw 1050 - check out the site and reviews, just like Polk,outstanding cust.svc.
    As long as Pro Logic 2 isn't important to you, this unit cannot be touched for the price ! I love mine, Fantastic build quality and sound (2 chnl and surround)

    Get your demos on, and good luck!

    CHEERS ! jefff
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