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Ok What is the best way out to setup the home theater - MINUS the speakers.

Parameters are as follows...

at least 80W Ch. 5 channels - CLEAN power at FULL output

manages to decode DD and DTS

manages 2 Ch. devices -(Tuner,TV,CD,2-Aux)

cost not to exceed $1000 - remember no speakers yet

$$ amounts are pertain to the Used gear market

do you go with a receiver that does it all or do you go with a 5 ch amp (powered sub NOT included) and a preamp/Digital Decoder?

What brands and models would you go with?
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  • deq15deq15 Posts: 56
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    I chose...

    Carver 5 Ch amp - AV505
    Carver Preamp/Tuner
    Technics Digital Decoder

    $800 total

    FYI - I have SDA CRS+ in all 4 positions and what I call a CRS+ composite for a center/Sub
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    Cost not a factor, separates are ALWAYS the way to go. Having said that, for 1000 bones, you could probably go the same route as RonP did. Use a receiver as a pre and add separate amps as you go, the front sounstage being the most important.

    Another option, if I were thinking of a receiver, would be the Carver C1000A. I friend of mine just bought one on closeout for 1100 or so a couple months back. I've only messed with it a little but it is VERY cool.

    I plan for the future. - F1Nut
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