What are the dimensions of New Polk Momo custom encloser.

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First off, I think the new Momo's look great and I am very glad to see a custom box included. Only $30-$50 more for the box? What are the dimensions of the boxes and what are the differences between old Momo's and new ones. Why change the cone? I will be ordering some of the MM12's ASAP. Hopefully they will sound as good as my old 12"DB's because my current 10" Momos sure don't. Can you post some pics of the front/sides of the box.
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    30 - 50 bucks more for the box.. LMAO keep dreaming...

    a 12 inch polk momo (new style) can be had at circuit city for about $189 bucks.

    a 12 inch polk momo in the pre-fabbed plexi / black wood box is about $299... try a 100 - 120 bucks more.

    but they look so darned good its worth it. and it saves us all the trouble of making out own boxes (which gets annoying after a while)...

    i'd have done it in my truck but 4 subs x 300 bucks was a bit pricey for me... i ended up getting 4 older polk subs for 500 bucks.
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