is it enought power?

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hey, i was just wondering if a rf500db would push enought power to two mm124 in parallel-my500db gives out [email protected], just wondering what you guys think, thanks
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    Actually the amp gives out [email protected], do you think 2 mm120 in parallel would sound ok with this amp, a cap is going to be used also.
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    i dunno friend. see, that's 628 divided by 2 = 314 watts of 1% thd to each speaker. the damping factor is also going to be not so great because its a d-block at low impedance.

    bascially what i'm trying to say is that if it was 314 watts at 4 ohms bridged with 0.05% thd and a high damping factor (like the kind of thing you'd get out of a 2 channel alpine amp or something), it would be underpowered but "ok".

    However, off a mono block class D amp, unless its a zapco or a DEI, i suggest you get something up in the 900 - 1000 watts x 1 at 2 ohms range.

    The following 2 amps are good... I suggest the 2nd over the 1st though...
    Rockford BD1000.1 (1000-1100 x 1 at 13.8 volts)
    MTX 81000D (1500 x 1 at 14 volts)

    or go a little cheaper and check out the...
    JBL BP1200.1 ... gives out 1200 watts x 1 at 14 volts and it
    only costs about 250 bucks on ebay... 450 retail stores i believe...
    however it does not have a subsonic filter. But its a helluva-good
    bang for the buck.
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