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Right now I have some Boston Acoustics VRS surrounds set up in a Dipole configuration. They're do the job, but they are lacking in raw volume or sound as compared to my mains.

I have been thinkin about the f/x1000's, or the fxi50's, but I really like the dual side driver setup of the 1000's. Doesn't the lack of a driver on the one side of the 50 somewhat limit it's ability to fully perform in a truely switchable di/bipole setup?

Help me with this........I realize that you can switch the 1000's(along with the other fx surrounds) between dipole and bipole, but can you just get the same effect from a direct firing speaker(either bookshelf or floorstanding) as compared to the sidefiring design of the fx series? Is there any advantage of one design over the other?

Thanks for y'alls help......
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    I often wondered that very same thing.But after picking up a pair of fx/500's that Idea/thought went out the window.

    The fx/1000's are a slightly deeper sounding speaker,they also can cover a room slightly better.If you can find a pair,Id go that route.But the Fx/500 series is plenty fine if you have a mid to large size room.
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    Bipole/Dipole speakers create a diffuse soundfield which is great for the ambient sound effects found in most movie soundtracks. Direct-radiating speakers provide a much more localized sound, which, IMHO, can be a bit distracting for HT use. To put it another way, bipole/dipoles immerse you in a sea of sound--the origin of which is difficult to pinpoint--whereas direct-radiators shoot a stream of sound right at you. To some folks, it doesn't make much difference, but to me, it does. If your preference is for HT, then I would recommend going with whichever f/x series speaker will mate the best with your mains (the f/x1000's and the FXi50's have different tweeters). Good luck!:)

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