Center/Surrounds for RTI35's?

jesyjamesjesyjames Posts: 52
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Just wondering what center/surrounds you all would recommend for the RTI35's?

My current thinking the CSI30 center (unless someone can convince me the csi40 is in fact worth it)

and the fxi 30's for the rears.

Any thoughts?


My total budget is $500 or less. Also using a PSW350.

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  • EJEJ Posts: 42
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    I just added a pair of 35i's for surrounds to my system and am very happy. I have a single 35i for the rear surround, cs400 center along with RT2000p mains. The cs400 is an excellant center and if you could get a deal on the 35i's you would have one heck of a system, all matched. As the 35i's are being cleared out you may be able to swing these on your budget.

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