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Just purchased new mains for my HT system RT55's. Started looking for a matching center and CS400 keeps coming up. This brings me to the question: Why would CS400 center used prices be higher than a used pair of 55's? Each RT55 has a wood cabinet, 2 drivers, a crossover, and a tweet (I assume shielding also). Using this formula the pair of RT55's I just bought for $150 have 2 times the components of the CS400, and thus the CS400 should be valued at $100 or less. The only contradiction to this formula is the "supply and demand" issue. Anyone with any comments?
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    I brought this up a long time ago, I agree the center channel pricing is a rip off.
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    The deals are out there if you look, cs245's for a c-note, NEW csi30's for $149.....

    I agree, pricing doesn't always seem on-par....

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    How close is the performance of the cs245 to the cs400? My mid range HT setup may not even be able to tell the difference. Anything will be a step up from my CS100. What are the going prices for cs400 you have seen? I'm seeing around $200-225.
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    Circuit City had nice prices on open box items - I saw the CS 400 for $219.00 - thought that was an ok price - they also had surrounds open box type fx300s for $139 or so - that type of shopping is hit or miss but if you are lucky you can make out ok
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    you got like really lucky...considering the rt55i's 55 etc are usually
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