Ground Loop Hum in my system!! Please Help!

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So currently I have a Parasound AVC2500 Pre/Pro, a Parasound AT2205 (220 watt x 5) Amp, Mitsubishi 65" HDTV, Klipsch SW12II Subwoofer, Sony DVP-S7700, Mitsubishi SVHS VCR, (and of course my Polks RT12's, RT16's, CS350LS) all plugged into a Monster Power HTS2500 which is plugged into a dedicated 20amp line for the Home Theater. I have a buzzing sound and I know cheater plugs will remove noise, but it is highly unrecommended. The Monster 2500 removed 90% of the noise, but the fact is, some remains. I had been running cheater plugs on my amp and sub for awhile, but have felt weird doing it. What suggestions do you guys have when it comes to removing ground loop hum?

Please help fellow Polksters!
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    is it coming in on your cable tv? disconnect your cable and see if it goes away.
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    If it is coming from the cable, you can buy an isolation transformer (does Polk still sell those?). You can also use a couple of capacitors (I forget the values I used..) to isolate your equipment from the cable ground. The capacitors block low frequency, but pass the higher frequencies of cable TV. It really functions more like a DC-blocker, but should be effective as a ground loop eliminator as well.

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    I have the exact system with the same problem. I had the cable patched into the monster 2500 and the cable ground loop problem was very noisy. I no longer run cable into my system and the noise is gone. It's one of those noises that is small and constant, but can be heard with definite distiction on low volume music. It can't be amplfied, so it's not a major pain. Try a ground loop device from the Polk Shop.
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    Good work guys,
    thats exactly where I was going to go first.I was also going to talk about a sat feed coming into the room.
    these are the most common causes.
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