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allright i have FINALLY decided to build an iso bandpass box with my DX 12's i found on this site! my only question is how should i attach the subwoofers to the divider piece? Should i mount one of the subs normally and just screw the other on top of it? or should i mount the subs on each side of the divider??? I need help!! thanks!

p.s.-also i have two different plans for this enclosure, both are slightly different, is there one that would work better than the other?!

thank you!
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    The subs should be mounted on opposite sides of the baffle using nuts, bolts, and lock washers. Do not mount them on top of each other.
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    on the topic of nuts/ bolts / lock washers...

    i used to RELIGIOUSLY mount my subs that way.. in small sealed boxes... (this is where you all go "well how'd he pul the subs out of the box if he had a problem?").. well i didn't... i had to saw the back of the box off to get the subs out -- kinda made it more theft-proof too...

    but lazyness and not wanting to have to saw boxes apart has made me resort to wood screws, and i'll tell ya, there's a difference, not much, but noticeable as far as "sealed-ness" of the box, and stability of the woofer in its hole. -- and yes i've got a bead of sillicone under the sub.
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