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Wassup Polk People,

I'm kinda new to the whole subwoofer world. I'm going to attempt to build my own box. What kind of wood would any of you recommend that I use?
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    The best wood is MDF, which stands for "medium density fiberboard". Use at least 3/4 inch thick.
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    Hey fordguy I have made many boxes for myself and for others. The best advice I can give you is design as simple of a box as you can. After you pick a design that you like make sure that you draw out all of the pieces that you will need to cut, to ensure you buy the right amount of wood. Third if you need any long straight cuts made Lowe's can use thier saw pretty accurately, and they only charge 25cents per cut. Good luck on your box building.
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    ya, have the hardware store guys do the long crap... its better than sittin at your picnic table with a jigsaw and an 8 foot long / 4 foot wide board in front of you... :)

    as far as what materials to use...

    for subwoofers with an RMS power rating of 100 - 200 watts, you can get away with "high density particle board" of 3/4 inch thickness.

    for subwoofers with an RMS power rating of 200 - 400 watts,
    you can get away with "Medium Density" or "High Density" FIBERBOARD - like the polk guy told you above.

    for subs with an RMS power rating of 500 watts and up, some would say use the MDF / HDF with some internal bracing strips, but I've recently been introduced to another material...
    PREMIUM BIRCH PLYWOOD. never use normal plywood for a subwoofer box... very bad bad bad bad idea. but this birch stuff has no knots, no imperfections, and is so sturdy and non-resonant that many people are using it for 1200 RMS competition subwoofers (SQ).
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