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Is an HT/HS guy welcome to sell some car audio stuff here? I am, afterall, from the other side. :eek:
Vinyl, the final frontier...

Avantgarde horns, 300b tubes, thats the kinda crap I want... :D
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    list far'ner....:p
    Jstas wrote: »
    Simple question. If you had a cool million bucks, what would you do with it?
    Wonder WTF happened to the rest of my money.
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    yeah, it's cool... :p
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    don't make me shoot you.

    You know - I'd totally get into home audio, but it's just so much money for nice stuff... and it's a pain in the rear to pull up the carpet and lay down wire and ****. it pisses my mom off... lmfao!

    when the day comes that I have some coin, I'll set myself up with a nice 5 channel surround sound on the "A" switch of a receiver... and then a wicked sick set of towers in stereo on the "b" switch. yes i know, not as cool as separate preamp / amp setup... but - eh - how friggin loud do i need it in my house? 50 watts goes a long way - 100 goes even further... 150 shakes the plates out of the cupboard which results in me sleeping in the garage for a week while the afore mentioned mother screams at me.
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    Lies; ALL LIES!

    You can get a very good home system for a lot less than you think.

    An outstanding set of Polk RTi6's for a mere $370 powered by a humble stereo receiver for usually less than $200 and youve got a damn fine reference system. Granted it wont blow your windows out or have earth shaking bass but it will sound excellent.
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    adding to the derail here - if you look hard enough and long enough the used market can offer some awesome gear and great prices. You could even build a system off of the great deals people offer here.
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    actually i was thinking of building my own speakers with raw drivers.
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