Denon 3802 with rt1000 & center

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Just bought a Denon 3802. Fronts are rt1000 and center is cs400i. Both have dual binding posts for low frequency. Rt1000's are a powered tower. Any suggestions as to how to wire this set up. Would be very interested in using the pre amp on the 1000's and the dual binding posts on the 400's
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    Polk recommends going R,L.C out of receiver to the respective speaker and leave the jumper in place. Should work well for you. Set the power amps at about 1 Oclock, or to your taste.

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    I have the same setup.I have wired them everywhich way.It's fun to see how different they sound when changing wire hookup.
    The Denon mates extremely well with the Polk's.
    I have my left center and right all bi wired.Most will dissagree with bi wiring the mains for there own reasons but I gained clearity and depth.The center channel also improves with bi wiring.
    Try line level, leaving the jumper's in with a single speaker wire,bi wiring and whatever SOUNDS the best to you go with that.

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    I'm not even going there....

    All I am going to say is that the suggested wiring patterns in the manual do not include a biwiring scheme and if you call Polk customer service and ask them if you can biwire the RT1000, they will tell you no. Clearly, if it works for you though, knock yourself out.

    The CS400i, it is an option and I would try it. At the very least, replace the jumpers with some decent wire.

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    Actually, your rt1000's cannot be bi-wired, you used a speaker (high) level input for the powered subs AND the passive portion (midbass and tweet) of the speaker.

    It is nice however that Polk offered different options for hookup. I can see a bi-wire cable (sound aside), being the cleanest and easiest way to set these up, even though the speaker (rt1000) cannot actually be bi-wired per-se.

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    When you say "bi wiring" can you explain what out puts on the reciever are being used for each speaker.
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    Here we GO!
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    Nice posts guys............don't worry Hbombtoo

    The rt1000i's sound there best wired with 4 conductors from the amp.Terms aside to spare an arguement,I have played with them for years.

    The first thing I tried with the rt1000's is just regular 2 conductor.It works well.

    I have also tried line level from the preouts left to left and right to right,not LFE out,but I tried that as well with the jumpers out of course.

    In the end I have found that the Bi wiring configuration as sounded that best with all other things considered.

    You can try all the different ways to wire.I found this to work for me.

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