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    That's cool Dan, and I'll agree to that. If it doesn't sound good, it doesn't sound good and all the numbers in the world don't matter. I'll agree with you whole heartedly. Further, I've agreed that using a receiver as a preamp isn't ideal, certainly, but, as I've shown, from an electricity standpoint and an experience standpoint, we have shown that it can work.

    All, I am saying is that, the factory specs don't bear out the claims your buddy has made. All that said, in this forum, we are all on equal footing. All his experience and whatever does not give him, me, you or anyone else, the excuse to act like a complete ****. So far, that's all he has done, that, and toss out a few terms that are very easily refutable.

    My last post on topic, was posted respectfully and to the point, as is this one. So, if your pal wants to act like a stand up guy and apologize and discuss things like an adult, that would be fine.
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    You guys are effing hilarious. You can FILL THREE FORUM THREAD PAGES arguing about something that is completely pointless and subject to personal opinion. I'd love to sponsor a Polk Audio Ultimate Fight Night at your local bar, you know those things where idiots get in a makeshift ring and slog it out in fisticuffs for the other idiots. I'd bet on you all. Gleefully.

    From now on, if anyone says anything that causes anyone else to ask them to apologize, they will be hogtied and keelhauled, then dipped in honey and left next to an anthill. Fire ants.

    For goodness sakes, yokels, THESE ANSWERS ARE YOUR OPINIONS.

    Here are some of my opinions:

    - If you drink Budweiser, you're not really drinking beer and you shouldn't claim to.
    - If you're under 30 and married, you're wasting your life.
    - If you like any music made within the last 10 years, you're a tasteless slob.
    - Tom Hanks sucks and can't act.

    Should I go on? Got prollems wit anything I say? KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.

    Assuming we've ANSWERED THE ORIGINAL QUESTION, way back on one of the previous pages, I'm locking this baby down. Nothing more to see here. Move on.

    Losers. Stop hijacking my forum for your own stupid fights. KEEP IT CIVIL.

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