A Beautiful Mind

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Watched this a few days ago......Great movie. If you want special effects or big booms or great sound track.....this is not it. If you want a great story (true story), great acting, well directed movie.....try this one out. It made me laugh.... a few tears and again the story is fantastic. I would call this a "must see".....
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    Yeah, I saw it in the theaters a few months ago, and I was thinking about the same thing.
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    Watched it last night along with Swordfish. I liked them both Swordfish a little more though. I am glad to have seen A Beautiful Mind though. No the soundtrack is not the best, but you do hear a dog barking in the back left corner of the room at the mail box. That is the biggest back surround usage I recall. Which was well placed, and I am glad they did not do so much to the soundtrack to make it overkill for the movie.
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    A Beautiful Mind: An excellent movie ... but 'based' on actual events is a more accurate description of the movie. They left out some of the more squalid elements of the man's life.
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    Agreed......few if any are a "true story" per say.....;)
    Oh, the bottle has been to me, my closes friend, my worse enemy!
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    Loved it - saw it last night. A keeper for sure. Crowe is so versatile. Should have beaten out Denzel for best actor.

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    I also agree what a good movie.
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    I watched this movie last night with the wife. We both enjoyed it, and what an outstanding performance by Crowe.
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