I need sub box plans!

sc0tty8 Posts: 69
I need sub box plans. I need plans for the momo 12's. I want some nice, deep bass. I was thinkning of a box at about 1.25-1.5cu per sub as I have been experimenting with my prefab box stuffing poly fill in it. I found that with the 1.2 per sub with about 1/2 a pound if that of fill sounds most excellent in my car. I want to build a box so I can run bolts thru it and bolt it in. the prefab box goes to the other car....

I need the box to fit up against a back seat, I have about 36-38" wide to work with, up to 16" high, and as deep as ya want. A box to fit in between the fenders would be sweet. I am hoping that Justin can help me out here.....

I got plans for a iso-baric setup for a pair of the DX series, and they are still going strong.

Please and thanks?

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