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Ok, Now this is funny....i was reading that demo from the dynaudio...and a pair of bs speakers from dyn. cost 2500 bucks...and ur comparing them to the lsi line when their bookshelves cost 1500 LESS! ARE yall like STUPID? In Electronics and Audio, YOU GET WHAT U PAY FOR! but whatever...yall just carry on about it...
Damn you all, damn you all to hell.......
I promised myself
No more speakers. None. Nada. And then you posted this!!!!
Damn you all! - ATC
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    point well made there, cochese........however, I dunno that I would go around calling people stupid.

    Also, how would you then explain the Bose phenomenon??

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  • MxStYlEpOlKmAnMxStYlEpOlKmAn Posts: 2,116
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    im not calling neone stupid (if i did i didnt mean to) the way their comparing them (acting about it) is stupid...

    I dont like bose...i think polk sounds better than bose all the way...i think their way over priced for how they sound...but i really dont have nothing to say about it...lol
    Damn you all, damn you all to hell.......
    I promised myself
    No more speakers. None. Nada. And then you posted this!!!!
    Damn you all! - ATC
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    Put me in the "I don't get your point" category. The comparison was Polk LSi15/25's vs. Dynaudio Audience 72/82's. To the best of my knowledge they are similarly priced speakers, with the Dynaudio perhaps a tad higher on the average.

    Oh, I see, I hope you're referring to the RT1000i vs. Dynaudio debate. Yeah, I think that's a pointless debate as well. That'd be like me bitching about my Jeep Cherokee Sport not taking corners as well as someone's Corvette.
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    I think people need to re read the post,It wasn't intended to be a vs battle(Contour1.3 vs Rt1000p's) with a victor standing tall...or small if you will.Just had them home and decided to give it a FUN shot......what the hell,I enjoyed myself,if someone else enjoyed the reads......cool.
    The vs is between the lSI 15's and the LSI 25's vs the Dynaudio Audience 72's and 82's.
    I'm considering both lines so naturally they need to compete.
    Right now the clear victor is Dynaudio,but the Polk's where nice.I need to demo them again to get more under my belt before i buy, one way or the other.
    This is what I live for in my hobbie,shoot outs testing, demoing,if you read my posts,I find myself doing it more then enjoying, which I enjoy testing.......with that being said..................
    My personal quest is to save to world of bad audio, one thread at a time.
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