Well...I'm building a sub...

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Actually I'm just putting one together. I had narrowed my choices down to the Adire Rava and the Dayton 10" Titanic Kit from Parts Express. I wanted a sealed sub and these two fit the bill from a cost, size and performance standpoint. Either one would have been ok and I have some time next week so I called to make sure they were both available. Unfortunately the Rava was out of stock. Besides, Parts Express is closer and I will have it by Tuesday. I was sort of leaning towards the Titanic anyway. I guess I will put it together and see how it sounds. I am going to use it in my HT but I am also considering pairing it up with a set of LSi9s for a 2 channel system. Wes Philips of onhifi paired it up with a set of Dynaudio Microns and was impressed with it. His review is HERE. I'm looking forward to this litte project.



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    good luck shack!

    have fun and enjoy, and be sure to post back your toughts on the titanic kit (i was actually considering this before purchasing the HSU vtf-2's)...
    ...the fOrce is strong with this one.
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    I like the feet.
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