What's your all time favorite movie?



  • F1nutF1nut Posts: 43,382
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    Yes, Pulp Fiction or are you one of those people who couldn't follow what was going on? BTW, your picks---not bad.

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  • jeberhartjeberhart Posts: 69
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    "2001: A Space Odyssey." This is the way it should have been, instead of flying trucks called the space shuttle, no moon base, no missions to outer planets...man...reality really screwed us over.
  • bugnerbugner Posts: 56
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    Unquestionably..........."Five Easy Pieces."
  • bugnerbugner Posts: 56
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    another would have to be "Save The Tiger," although it is fiercely depressing. But the scene where he smokes pot with the young girl...........and rattles off all the old names. My God.
  • joe logstonjoe logston Posts: 882
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    i liked the sandpebble, with steve mcqueen

    its one of thoughs movies that you can watch over and over,

    its a great movie
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  • jeberhartjeberhart Posts: 69
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    "2001: A Space Odyssey." But not when I'm tired.
  • LiquidSoundLiquidSound Posts: 1,273
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    The Abyss
    Shawshank Redemption
    Ninja Scroll--animation
    Drunken Master Two

    But my alltime fave has gotta be Army of Darkness

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  • vicentrevicentre Posts: 23
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    The Matrix...Awesome movie.
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  • OrangeToupeeOrangeToupee Posts: 488
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    1. Last Tango In Paris
  • Micah CohenMicah Cohen Ruler of the gnome universe Posts: 2,020
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    Great flicks in this thread. I have to add a bunch of them -- FIVE EASY PIECES, SANDPEBBLES! -- to my rentmydvd.com list! Time to see them again for the first time!

    >> [PULP FICTION] are you one of those people who couldn't follow what was going on? <<

    Yeah, that original super-genius Quentin Tarantino really bamboozled me with his stupendous filmmaking skill and screenwriting innovations. Ever seen THE BIG SLEEP, pre-release 1945 version? Christ, PULP FICTION was a big zero.


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  • TroyDTroyD Posts: 12,138
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    Sheer greatness......I taped, some years back, the unedited version off of AMC. Man, I got to watch that again, soon.

    Major hotties in that movie as well.

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  • wodom1wodom1 Posts: 1,072
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    American History X
    A Few Good Men
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  • mlwaremlware Posts: 29
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    Stray Dog and Yojimbo, and The Seven Samurai, by Kurosawa. Favorite new movie is Battle Royale by Fukasaku.
  • avelanchefanavelanchefan Posts: 2,412
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    I have to go with Heat

    Michael Mann made you love the "Bad Guys". And I have never had another movie experience like that. I wanted DeNiro (McCauley) to jump on that plane instead of going after Wayne Gro. I didn't want Pacino (Hannah) killing him. And you saw the pain in his eye's when he did, because Hannah actually liked him.

    Plus the cinematography was excellent from McCauleys pad on the ocean to the shoot out scene after the bank heist. And the final scenes in 5.1 at the airport are just plain terrific.

    Most of the other movies you guys picked were great picks, but for some reason I keep coming back to this movie.:D
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