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i just bought a Parasound HCA-855 amp but it doesn't have an auto on feature. Is it wise to adapt its 3 prong power connector to my H/K 320 switched power receptacle? Should i just leave the amp on 24/7? i also recently purchased a universal touchscreen remote and it would suck to still have to get up and turn on the amp.:)
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    Don't plug the amp into your receiver. Those outlets are for low-power devices like CD players and such. Leaving the amp on all the time isn't a problem, but your best bet would be to pick up a power conditioner like a Monster Power unit which has the auto power-on feature (plus you get could protection and filtration for your gear).

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    i seccond the monster power unit i have the 3500 and it turns on and off my sub anp and rear suround amp works great also has a delayed on so you dint have massave power draw if you have 2 big amps
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    on my amp the manufactor aragon recomends that you dont plug the amp into power condishioners, just straight into the power reseptacle. i dont know if it is for all amps though, check your manufactor to see.
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