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JVC RX-9010V or the Yamaha RX-V800?
THe JVC has way better stats...but does neone have these receiver and tell me what you think? THe JVC has 120 x2 in stereo and 100 x 5 in surround...the yamaha has 100 x 2 in stereo and 100 x 5 in surround....the jvc has .02 thd and the yamaha has .04 and the jvc has 20-20 and so does the yamaha...but what do yall think? if you have either one...please tell me what you think
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    Still a personal choice but,
    Yamaha has better power then the JVC,has better dynamic range.Even though the spec's are the same.Yamaha power is like this...if it's a 100watts...its equal to 110 to 115 other brands in its class.I personally think they under rate there power as others over rate.
    Yamahas don't break down hardley ever.They are also clean sounding.Not a warm amp but a powerfull and clear.
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    stats don't mean crap (to an extent). there is no industry standard for rating wattages, so one companies 50Wx2 can sound better than another 85x2. also, a 5-15 watt difference at 100W isn't THAT significant. i would recommend going to a local dealer an demo both, see what sounds best to you!

    good luck, and have fun...:D
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    I won't be looking for another receiver for a long time. In fact if I ever replace the JVC, it'll be for separates. Nice receiver. Great sounding, plenty of headroom, dual zone (CD in one room & FM in another) RF remote and very affordable. I'll try looking into the Yamaha to do a more specific comparison. What are you looking for.

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    thats whats its all about...making a personal choice.Demoing is the only way.No spec can make you or not make you buy.Unless its features, and it doen't have what you need.
    My personal quest is to save to world of bad audio, one thread at a time.
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