which dvd player is better

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:confused: i need this forums and polkies opioin and reviews about which progressive scan dvd player is better and any potientail problems anyone has encounterd between the toshiba sd 3750 ant the panasonic rp56 any and all advice is welcome
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    I've got a standard Panasonic player that I am quite pleased with. I've had a Panasonic VCR for 10 yrs. When it finally started having problems I replaced it with a Sony. I'll be getting the Panasonic fixed.

    I haven't owned any Toshiba to compare it against, but Panansonic works for me.

    Maybe somebody with more experience with these models will help more.
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    I read several reviews reports, not particularly on these two, but in most cases, the Toshiba DVD players give a better results when playing music CD (brighter sound)...
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    I would avoid Toshiba. They seem to be the player that has the most trouble handeling difficult disks and sound drop out problems.

    As for the RP56, I tested it. Good player, good picture. But, it has the flicker bug problem which jumped right out at me. Also, it has a goofy darker/lighter setting yet no off setting. It was for black level depending on if you are in progressive of interlaced mode, it sucked.

    Out of the three I tested RP-56, Sony NS700p and JVC S60. I kept the JVC, the NS700p came in second and the RP-56 took third place.

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    Originally posted by Ron-P
    I would avoid Toshiba. They seem to be the player that has the most trouble handeling difficult disks and sound drop out problems.

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    Which Toshiba player are you refer to, or it's just your general comment? Do you have any facts to support what you're saying?
    Nothing personal, but I don't believe your statement is not 100%true (may be you got one of the bad machine), in fact, I had two Toshiba DVD players (SD-3006), first generation , 1996, never give me any problem, they are also excellent CD players but they don't play CD-R, but all of1996 DVD players don't play CD-R either.

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    I will back Ron on that comment,
    I have seen Toshiba's right out of the box broken.And when they do work, there picture is fuzzy compared to the rest of the market.
    Sony And Pioneer make the best dvD players on the market.Best picture and best audio playback.The Pioneer players are sharper and Sony are softer.
    Pioneer are better cd playback they also play all formats,some sony's do not.
    But you can't really go wrong with Sony or Pioneer.Toshiba on the other hand, I avoid like the plegue.They don't sound that great either.
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    Yes, Toshiba have had their share of problems more so than others but their cases are rare . In some cases I've heard Toshiba
    do a firmware upgrade on their models for free and lately the
    movie studios are offering a no-charge replacement for faulty discs, i.e. Spy Game .
    Performance-wise, they look even. However, I'm not sure if either have the chroma bug. Not a big thing only if you want to make it out to be.
    Personally, I like the Toshiba. There are two many features Toshiba has that can be useful for your hard earned buck !

    - Navi-menu (window menu)
    - front panel menu
    - screen saver of your favorite movie
    - awesome zoom control
    - virtual on-screen remote
    - optical AND coaxial output
    - last play memory which I believe Panasonic omitted on this
    - video equalizer settings
    - remote confirmation

    Now if you were asking between the Panasonic rp-91 or the Toshiba 9200, well..........
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    Any opinions on the Denon P.S. DVD players? Specifically the 1600. I just ordered one based on several great reviews I read. It also esthetically matches my 3802 AV receiver.
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    I've never owned a Toshiba, nor will I ever. I have read a far too many threads over at The Spot, HomeTheaterForum and HomeTheatertalk about problems with Toshiba. Esp. in the audio drop-out department and with lock-ups on difficult disks, which I know Sony/Panny and JVC would sail thru.

    Yes, every player has problems, but Toshiba seems to lead the pack.

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    From an a/v sales point of view, we've sold skid-fulls of both brands and none of them have major issues.
    Sure the odd Toshiba model may not perform as smoothly with the odd disc, but from looking at the volume of units we sell- it's not a major downfall.
    As a sales guy, I don't want to sell a dvd player which has a history of problems. That will only cause headaches for me and the customer and eventually a returned product with a commision hit ! So in terms of reliabililty, both brands score well. Check out the scores at audioreview.com , if you want more proof.
    Now between the two models you asked above, I agree with Begbie's points and choose the Toshiba.
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    I have the Denon 1600...it is incredible!...the faroudja technology is amazing...cds sound really crisp and the dvd pictures is excellent.
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    I've owned both, pany rp56 and Toshiba sd9200. I prefer the Toshiba. I feel the picture quality is close, but the analog output for music is superior IMO with the SD9200. With the same equipment and speakers, the Toshiba really opens up on regular CDs.
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    The Toshiba SD-9200 player is awsome, almost near perfect...
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    pioneer dvd players are da best...lol
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    I used to have a Toshiba 2109 with 1.5 firmware(to check the firmware on a 2109 push zoom, 6-0-6, zoom on a blue screen) and it has played every DVD stuck in it. My father-in-law still uses it. There were versions of firmware higher and lower that would not play certain disc's, the firmware seemed to be the difference in the ones that would play every thing and the ones that would not. I now have an RP-91 panasonic and has been good to me except some layer changes are noticeable.
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    my toshiba has a funky efect when i use the rbg out on it it has hat looks to be a halo efect on the left and botom of the screen it is lighter and a bit to the green tinge but i have had it for 3 years and it started 2 years ago what i would like to get is a denon 2800 i have sen many good revews for this dvd player i think that is next on my to buy list right after my diy sono sub
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    Mantis is right: Go Sony or Pioneer for DVD. I bought an Onkyo and didn't care for it. So I put it in the bedroom system. ;)
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