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I just purchased the Denon AVR-3802 receiver. I currently have the CSi30 Center Channel, FXi30 surrounds, and ( my first ever polks ) 5JR Monitor Series Bookshelve's.

I am setting up a room that is 9x12 and is square, so there are no obsticals in setting up the room for home theatre.

I will most likely get another pair of FXi30's for the rear surrounds and a PSW350 sub, . My question is this:

Should I keep my 5JR's as my mains or:

Get floor standing speakers or Get Bookshelf speakers? Which should I get for the setup I currently have? I will listen to music on this system , but it will be mainly used for Movies and watching Football on Direct TV.

Thanks for your Help.
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    how about the psw450? Have you tried the psw350 vs 450 in the same demo room?
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    How do you like that 3802? How much did you pay and did you order it online or buy it local? Sorry for all the questions, I just need to get a new receiver. Thanks.
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    Very Clean Amp. I did not want to spend more than $1000, it was 999, Bought it from a local Dealer. Got an extra 3 years Warranty from them, total of 5 years. The calibrated and test it before I took it home. Solid as they come as far as I am concerned if you are nt made of money....
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    I don't think that you are going to have a MAJOR disparity in sound with the Monitors.....If you can, try and demo some of the newer models and see, but I don't think you have a bad setup as it is...

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    You have a very small room,
    You don't need srious front speaker's.I would look into bookshelves for that room.You receiver will drive anything you hook up to it to near deaf level's.That receiver is made for a bigger room.But to much power is better than not enough.
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