Adding amp to current reciever



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    Mantis, Devildog,

    I have basically have the same setup just a step down on the polk speakers. 1000's for front, 400 for center 500 for surrounds and 35's for surround back with PSW650 for the sub.

    I drive the two mains with my POA5200 as was suggested to me when I purchased this set back in July of last year. Was told that it would take the load of of the AVR4800.

    I have listened both ways and can't tell the difference. So I went with the first choice, reducing stress on the 4800(Not that I think I could really stress this beast and still be able to hear) To me after doing some reading, the only down side to the amp vs. the receiver is that the amp starts distorting alot earlier than the receiver does. See...

    Devildog, you will love how it sounds.
    Mantis, was this information correct about having the amp drive the mains? (I have no purpose for the amp other than driving the surround back speakers or the mains)

    Have fun Devildog, I agree with Mantis you have made a great choice for receiver to go with your Polks.

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    I wouldn't waste the amp on the mains.The rt1000p's are easy to drive.Use it for surround back.I think I posted before that the amp sounds exactly like the receiver does.No gain anywhere.
    Enjoy your receiver as it is perfect for your speaker system.You have the same system I do,I run the 450 and the 3801 is the only different.My receiver is one year newer so I have built in amps for surround back.
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