M&K speakers.

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Id like to know how many of you have ever got the chance to demo M&K for theater?
What did you think of them?
What did you like?
What didn't you like about them?
Does anybody own any M&K?????
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    I got to listen to them breifly . I liked them human voice I thought was wonderful. But I didn't really get a chance to test them. After what I just spent on the B+K AVR307. It will be a while before I even think of speaker shopping lol!!!!
    Mantis thanks again for all the advice , you have really been a lot of help!! I'm sure I'm going to have lots of questions coming up.I havent hooked up the B+K yet , been too busy (still sitting pateintly in the box) But I am about to go to it. Have been reading the mannual through a couple of times .

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    I've marvelled at the adds and heard one set of surrounds.

    When I heard them, I thought "Mmm, that sounds pretty good." and then found out what was playing. I thought to myself, "At that price, they'd sound good.", but never got the amazement factor I would've expected. Nothing missing, but no WOW either.
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    I have listened to some M & K speakers in a home theater store. I got to hear the S-125 system. I believe this is their most expensive non THX system. This was in a well setup room, connected to a $2500 Yammie receiver.

    I liked this system. They were very detailed and accurate. Highs were not too bright, and very clear. Dialog was good. The bass was also very pleasing and tight. The sub was a model that was more expensive than the one that M & K recomends with the 125 system. These speakers put out a lot of sound for their size. Also listened to the same material, in the same room on some Monitor Audio. Silver line I think. They were also pretty nice but to me not as good as the M & K.

    I am a little vague on some of this info and did not get prices on this stuff because the salesman really started putting down all other brands (paradigm, b&w, klipsch) sold by his local competers. I don't have time to listen to B.S. like that so I terminated my listening session and will shop elsewhere.

    I am going to be making a speaker audition/shoping trip next fall. I plan on spending $2000-$3500 on the mains, and getting the manufactures recommended surrounds. I know for sure I will be checking out the higher end M & K stuff. I am intrigued by the tripole speaker. I also have on my list Dynaudio, Klipsch, Paradgim, B&W, Monitor Audio, and maybe even Polk if I can find somewhere besides CC to audition. Bad experience at CC trying to check out Polks.
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    that's cool you liked the M&K's.However Its not cool when salesman start bashing other lines,it pisses me off as well.There is a couple of places around here that have the 150thx system and I believe the 750thx system.
    thanks for the comments.
    I seem to always to be on the market for upgrades,speaker's I havent found a line that I can afford and want.Its also the same old story,they always gotta cost 2 much.Thats one reason that I started to look at M&K, they are a respected company by all theater people as far I know,they don't cost to much.and I can't wait to sit down and listen.
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    Only two brief listenings.

    First was when I was shopping for a subwoofer, gotta check out the M&K stuff, I have no idea of the settings, but is was a ROOM setup with Pioneer Elite, Mcintosh and M&K speakers. The sub was a M&K xxx125thx something like that, anyway that sub was bottoming out big time, I said this needs set up correctly or someting, the salesman said it is set up correctly, I said then is sucks a big one, and left. I really don't think it was right or it was blown.

    Second was a cheesy "Ultimate Home Theater" show at Disney World's Epcot, they start by showing you a 1950's tv, then you go to a "livingroom" where they show of the BOSE lifestyle system, light dimmers and bass shakers.

    Then you walk into a Home Theater room, very cool stuff. Theater seats, wall and track lighting, decor was very very nice, projection screen, no speakers were visable. The show started with a THX opening scene (I think?) then the hosts walk you thru the various surround speakers, demo many scenes it was very nice but not mind blowing, they have the credits roll and thank brand x, y and z and M&K speakers. The show was nice the sound was great.
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    I bet there was something wrong with that sub. The one I heard was very nice. You would think the salesman would at least have wanted to find out what it was you did not like. Maybe he had already made enough money that day.


    I am surprised that you have not ever listened to those M & Ks. Hope you post your results. Should be interesting. As you can tell by my shopping list, my speaker search will be confusing. Lots of different styles of sound. I live in stereo highend purgatory. The dealers that carry some of these brands are 8 to 10 hour round trips. The ones a bit closer are still a 5 hour round trip. That really rules out the take them home and try em out program. Those show rooms are so unlike the real rooms that we live in. Makes it easy to make a mistake. Will you be able to listen to the M & K with B & K? I always thought that would really confuse people. What would you call that set up? MB & KK? M & B & K & K??????

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    :lol: ,
    I'm looking at every possible speaker system for my new theater under the sun.
    B&K will most likley power my theater,they have a new receiver comming out this fall/winter........the avr507.It's basically the avr307 modified into the new formats .They improved a couple of other thing's as well.Thats all I could get out of our B&K rep.I'm juiced to hear it/see it go.
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    I got a 15 year or old sub, from m&k and no matter the age, this is a high quality build, with dual 12 inch drivers, this thing can shake a whole house, its awesome, perfect in everyway...although i have never heard their speakers, like mains and surrounds, but they have good stats and a really cool look, but i have not heard them
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