What center speaker in Polk's current lineup can I pair with RTi A3 for a 3.1 system?

I currently have a 2.1 system with RTi A3 as the two front speakers and PSW10 as the sub. I really need to have clearer dialog from my movies so I'd like to upgrade to a 3.1 system, while keeping the ability to eventually have a 5.1 system. It seems like the go-to center speaker for RTi A3 was CSi A4 but I can't find that anywhere.

Which center speaker from Polk's current lineup should I buy?


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    My guess is that if I were trying to match the specs of CSi A4, I'd prioritize impedance, then woofer size & count, then sensitivity, then frequency response, then driver type? Annoyingly the Reserve center speakers only put minimum impedance while the others have nominal impedance, and I'm not sure how to compare the two.
    CSi A4
    2x 5.25" woofer
    1" tweeter
    Total Frequency Response: 55 Hz → 27,000 Hz
    Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
    Sensitivity (1 watt @ 1 meter): 89 dB
    Lower and Upper -3dB Limits: 65 Hz → 26,000 Hz
    Recommended Amplifier Power Per Channel: 20 watts → 180 watts

    I'm looking at all the 2-woofer center speakers. From lowest to highest price: CS10, CS1 Monitor, XT30, ES30, R300, R400.
    • Let's remove the 6.5" woofer R400, and stick with the 5.25" woofers
    • Let's assume the R300's nominal impedance matches the other remaining 3 (all 8 ohms like CSi A4 and RTi A3). But it still has lower sensitivity which is worrisome. I assume it's higher price point is due to the turbine cones..? Let's remove R300 due to the sensitivity concern
    • The CS10 has higher sensitivity and is out of stock..? Let's remove it I guess
    That'd leave CS1, XT30, and ES30 which I'm not sure how to compare. The CS1 has the wood grain finish like the RTi A3 so that's a plus I suppose. So prior to any input you folks have, I'm currently thinking the CS1. Its cheaper price point is worrisome though, wasn't the CSi A4 $280 originally? I'm not sure how to compare the drivers, but I assume that's what makes all the difference in the price point.

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    Seems like the CS1 Monitor Series II is similar in specs (and wood grain finish) but way lower price point. The CSi A4 was $280 originally and CS1 is $130. Could someone explain why that is?
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    Look for a CSi A6.
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    Nitestyle wrote: »
    Seems like the CS1 Monitor Series II is similar in specs (and wood grain finish) but way lower price point. The CSi A4 was $280 originally and CS1 is $130. Could someone explain why that is?

    My first center was a CS1. Not a very good center. Big improvement when I moved to a CSi1 (predecessor to the CSi A4). Even bigger move to the CS400i (predecessor to the CSi A6). So I would highly recommend the latter, and stay away from the CS1.

    CSi A4 - https://www.ebay.com/itm/115438526307?hash=item1ae0ac1f63:g:0pQAAOSw3TVitFWG

    CSi A6 (my preference, bigger sound and matching drivers) - https://www.ebay.com/itm/255590359191?hash=item3b825f6097:g:F-8AAOSw9CZir1lm
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