RIP SVS PC-Ultra, welcome SVS SB3000

Yes, my mighty PC Ultra that I purchased in 2007 and ran all this time finally succumbed to driver failure. I figured i'd gotten more than my moneys worth out of this sub and it did a great job all those years. If I searched hard enough, I probably could have found a replacement driver, but I used this excuse to get the latest and greatest technology.

Enter the SVS SB3000 and whoa buddy, the difference is night and day from the PC-Ultra. The SB3000 is so incredibly tight and controlled, very subtle when it need be and crazy powerful as well. I find having the app on my phone to make small output adjustments on the fly from my listening seat to be extremely convenient. It blends so incredibly well with the all Polk LSi 5 channel system and never sounds like it's separate from the rest of it. The sealed box design works so much better for my home theater than the large ported design of the PC-Ultra.

SVS slammed this one out of the park!
No excuses!


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    We can neither confirm or deny this happening due to lack of photos

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    Congrats on the upgrade. Next step is to try two of them.


    I'm still with the pair of SB2000s for my home theater but have been toying with the idea of a pair of SB3000s and moving the SB2000s to a different system or two elsewhere. I have a Polk 505 subwoofer that's a model notorious for having the amp die but mine won't! That's stopping me from upgrading since it's good enough to do the job.

    The SB4000 weighs almost double what the SB3000 does but I think those would be overkill for what I would want. I also like being able to pick up and move a subwoofer easily like the SB2000 and SB3000 models and the SB4000 is really heavy for a sealed box subwoofer.
  • WLDock
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    Nice choice! The SB3000 is the one I would like to go for in the SVS lineup!
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