Currently Available Universal Remotes?

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You guys got any preferences on currently available Universal Remotes?
I'm going to be building out a system for someone who is not me, and it needs to be:
  1. Easy to use and comfortable; no wonky hard to engage buttons
  2. Reliable
  3. Offer macro capability
  4. Have a nice library of devices
  5. As well as learning capability

I've always enjoyed the URC/Aeros MX-850 programmable remotes, but looking for something more updated now.

Logitech Harmony 665 decent?

Anyone tried the Sofa Baton stuff?
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  • stevep
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    Harmony Hub is what I use for all my system. It's sad that Logitech has dropped new sales of it's remotes. The hub fixes one of the most annoying user problems with remotes, having to keep it pointed at the devices while it's IR command stream spits out. All the ladies in the house think actions happen immediately and then the remote and devices get out of sync.

    If CEC was more robust I'd use that with a web app.

    Looks Like the Sofa Baton is going after the market Logitech is departing. The X1 looks like it might be a replacement for the Hub.
  • pitdogg2
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    maybe just maybe you can get lucky with a phone app to run some stuff. I know Oppo and others had apps for their gear. worth a look to see.
  • DaveHo
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    pitdogg2 wrote: »
    maybe just maybe you can get lucky with a phone app to run some stuff. I know Oppo and others had apps for their gear. worth a look to see.

    My wife has a hard enough time working the Harmony One. It's idiot proof, but she still manages to get things out of sync. And that nice button, you know, the one that reads "Help", she must think it's a self destruct button or something, because she never seems to press it. Phone apps!? 🤣🤣
  • rooftop59
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    Love my harmony remotes! Every system has one. And the hub is a nice touch since all mine are at least partially hidden in a cabinet.

    The 665 looks like it would do the job just fine!
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  • stevep
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    Being able to say "Alexa turn on TV" eliminated 3/4 of all "Honey, the TV's broken" complaints from the boss getting the remote out of sync from not keeping it pointed at the equipment while it configures everything.

    And if it does get messed up I can fix it from the other room with my phone, tablet or a few voice commands.