Switching Amps from the Adcom GFA-565's Monos

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Hello, I have not been on the forum for a few years, and don't remember my login. However, I have been an owner of Polk and Adcom for over 20 years. I had my Adcom GFA-565 repaired in the past and now the other Mono went out. I am thinking of selling it as is or repairing it. I know they are known for issues, loved the amp, but I had one fixed a couple of times and now needs to be repaired again. I use it to run Polk RT3000p and the Adcom GFA-555's biwired on the SDS-SRS 1.2Tl's. I have not had any issues with the 555's maybe just do that, but all amps are getting old and not sure if it pays to buy a used one, but the cost savings would be nice. I do have a Sunfire Preamp and Sunfire Receiver, I do like them as well, thinking maybe going Sunfire amp instead. Any thoughts, debating on just buying a new Adcom, or maybe try a used Adcom or used Sunfire, a new Sunfire is starting to get hard to find and pricy. Also wondering if I should get a two channel Sunfire A300 or a multiple channel? Any thoughts
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  • I know this is not an easy answer, is Sunfire amps that much better or is Adcom better, maybe start there. Any thoughts are appreciated
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    This is in the wrong section @CarlJacobson_POLK. He also may be able to help you with your user name.
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  • Sorry, my bad, where should I post it under Electronics?
  • Post under Advanced Technical/Electronics.
  • Anyone have any opinions between the sound of the Adcom vs Sunfire? I finally got my original username going, thanks again
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    My personal opinion is I've liked the Sunfire gear over the Adcom.
    Either way both are long in the tooth and both are going to need work at some point. The unfortunate thing is some of the Adcoms parts are no longer made. I found that out on my 5802. The Sunfire's still have good availability of parts and the gentleman who built them now repairs them with Bob Carvers blessing. Great guy, will talk your ear off when you call. He was able to look up serial numbers and let me know one seller was feeding me a line of BS representing one amp for another amp that was more desirable than the amp he was selling in the Sunfire line.
  • Were the last models any good TGA-4701 as I think Bob was no longer there. Also would a multi channel sound better the. Just a 2 channel or only if a bi wire would it really matter? Thanks for your comments pittdog2.
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    Some here have spoke highly of the 7401 model.
    The Signature models while Bob was still there are very well built and still command good prices.


    Give Bill a call and chat with him. Let him know what you're looking for he'll point in the right direction.
    He may even have some for sale.
  • Thanks for your advice I will reach out to him.