LS90 cabinet question.

Hi all. First post, but been lurking here awhile. Basically, I'm building ideas and advice on what to do with a pair of LS50's I have that have four blown MW7010 woofers. I acquired them in this condition, so I've never been able to hear them. The SL6000 tweeters and x-overs appear to be fine.

My first question may seem a bit off base. I'm wondering if anyone who own's LS90's has ever had a woofer out, and have looked inside? I'm curious if the cabinet divides the upper woofers from the lower woofer section? Looking at the x-over schematic, the upper section is virtually an LS50, (with the woofers tied in parallel), and the lower section has the two woofers tied in series.

If they share the same acoustic space, I'd guess them to "beat" against each other in an oddball way. Yet, everything I've read here, indicates that folks love how the LS90's sound.

Sorry if this was long-winded. Just curious.



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    Welcome to Club Polk. I'm not familiar enough with those speakers to answer your questions, so hopefully someone here that is will come along.
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    Thanks for the welcome F1nut. These things have been sitting around for about a decade, so no rush. I'm fairly active over at AK, but thought this question fit here.
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    Haven't found the answer to your cabinet question but you might enjoy these docs.

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    Thanks skrol. I had the 1st and 3rd, (thanks to this forum), but I didn't have that "Sales Guide". Good info. Thanks again.

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    I'll keep watching here, in case anyone takes a peek.

    Thanks all.