Gain/Loss ? If RTA 12 B's replaced with Signature 60's

I am thinking of disposing of my RTA 12B's in favor of something with a slimmer profile. Space is tight along this dimension (room above the garage with sloped roof line on both sides) around the TV.
What if I replaced with Signature 60's. Would that be a noticeable improvement? This room has an old 7.1 setup with Polk center and surrounds. (I don't see much interest nowadays in the RTA)


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    I say go for it IF you want a change of environment. I haven't heard the Sig. 60s so I can't give advice as to what you'd experience.

    I can guess the RTA-12b's are great with music where-as the Sig. 60's are made for both HT and music.

    I do still own a set of RTA-12b's and I love there sound W/ some bass enhancement.
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    I haven't heard the Signatures either but if we were betting my $ would be on the 12Bs.
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    What type of amplification are you (those who listen to music on the RTA and are totally satisfied) using?
  • pitdogg2
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    A good amp no receiver need apply
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    Sorry for late reply, the RTA is part of my "home theater" (nothing fancy) room. RTA's are mains, CSIA6 center OWM3 presence and fxi5 surrounds. Amplification is an old RX-V2700 Yamaha (140W to all channels). The RTA's were not used for music listening. For that I am using a pair of Paradigm 60's with a Yamaha Integrated A-s2000. I had the Paradigms wedged between the RTA's and the TV, don't know if that was a good idea.
    That worked OK till I started streaming music through an app on my blu ray player which was connected to the surround setup.
    So I've decided to let go of my RTA 12B in favor of a Polk tower that would be a better fit for 2 channel stereo (I can select that from my AVR) and work well with surround. Something also with a slimmer profile.
    I'm thinking S60's especially since they are on sale right now, use for home theater only.
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    Do you have a good quality subwoofer or 2? Why not think about a good set of Bookshelf speakers on a nice set of stands?
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    Didn’t I see the S60’s are on sale right now on Slickdeal for like $299 each?
  • OnlyPolk
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    I had a Hsu Research VTF-1 (downward firing). The mini split heat pump condensate line backed up due to improper maintenance and leaked on the floor and seeped into the sub surround. Stopped working after that and I did not want to spend 50% of the cost of a new one to fix.

    Yes the S60's are on sale.